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The Enderby Academy Interview

  • What differentiates you from your direct competitors?

The passion for our work and highly qualified teachers always ready and available to meet the needs of all those who intend to undertake a training course in English together with highly professional and targeted advice that works to guarantee personalized programs suitable for any need: these are the focal points of our work and that make us unique on the market.

What do you like about your job?

Accompany each learner to the achievement of their goal, follow them step by step, work together to make them independent and safe in the use of the English language.

What questions do customers usually ask you and how do you answer them?
Will I ever be able to learn? Sure! Sometimes the results are immediate, sometimes they take longer: the important thing is never to give up!

Do you have any particular information you want to share about your work?

Don’t get discouraged! Be determined and constant: the results will come however difficult it may seem! Step by step!

Do you have any experience that you would like to share?

Each path has its own history, its own experience. Each experience has its uniqueness

16 May 2020

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